Enhanced Certified
Financial Counselor Program

in partnership with

The Louisiana Credit Union League (LCUL) has worked for numerous years alongside CUNA providing detailed feedback from students as well as administrative input on CUNA’s Certified Financial Counseling Program (FiCEP). We aided in the overhaul of the structure from eight exams to the current two exam format. LCUL is excited to now offer an enhanced version of the program to not only our students but other state leagues as well.

In an effort to assist other state leagues who would like to offer the Enhanced FiCEP program, we are excited to offer the following package options:

Base Package


Option 1

Option 2

Each league will handle their own student registration process including setting your own course fees, invoicing students and book shipments through CUNA. If you are opting for the live training, we will also need your requested in-person training dates. Please provide at least two training date options for the mid-term and two for final for the trainer to choose from.


Meet The Instructor

The instructor for the course is LCUL’s SVP of CU Support, Susie Fair. With a passion for financial education initiatives, Susie has been providing content, guidance, and instruction to credit unions on this subject matter for many years. Overwhelming student feedback along with skyrocketing exam pass rates prove her commitment to the program and the student’s success.

For more information, contact Jody Brooks, LCUL VP of Professional Development, at jbrooks@lcul.com or (504) 736-3650, ext. 3010